ATD Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP)

Chapter Incentive Program

Did you know that you can get a $30 discount on your national ATD membership, by being a chapter member? And that when you join or renew your national membership, or make online purchases from the national store (including workshops and conferences), and use our chapter ChIP code, ATD donates funds to our chapter?  You don't even need to be an ATD member (either National or Local) to use the ChIP code to benefit the chapter.

Just use our chapter ChIP code - CH5119

Every person that uses the ChIP code will be contributing to our chapter's financial health, further enabling us to accomplish our chapter's mission.

So, when you join or renew your national ATD membership, purchase books in the ATD store, or sign up for a conference, be sure to use our chapter code. If you are already using our chapter code, thank you very much for your support!

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