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Don't Just Tell - SHOW Your Impact on the Business

  • 19 May 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Virtual Event
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Don't Just Tell - SHOW Your Impact on the Business

Session Description

Everyone in leadership is responsible for making an impact on their business. In order to make an impact, you need to be a strategic leader who makes smart data-driven decisions even if you are mired in the day-to-day tactics of the business. We will discuss WHY strategic leadership is so important in the L&D function and compare tactical with strategic leadership characteristics. We will review WHAT leaders do to show up and stay strategic. We will see HOW to be more strategic by creating a custom Impact Blueprint™ that you can use to demonstrate alignment between a learning investment/initiative and the corporate goals. We will select your smart metrics to demonstrate business impact.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Develop the foundational skills necessary to come across as a strategic partner to the business.
  • Create a development plan for taking your strategic leadership to the next level.
  • Create a strategic plan that supports what the organization is trying to achieve.
  • Identify the areas where learning can impact the business in ways that matter.
  • Connect learning’s efforts to business results using business data.
  • Make smart decisions and keep learning as you go to ensure you stay on top.

Session Business Outcomes

  • Show up more strategic
  • Visibly drive business impact
  • Employ data-driven decision-making

Pre-work for the virtual session


  • an idea of a personal development plan you are comfortable sharing
  • an example of a current learning investment/initiative for which you want to assess business impact.
  • a list of metrics you expect the investment to impact such as operational metrics, business metrics from your annual report, and any other KPIs. Be sure your metrics can be shared publicly.
  • OPTIONAL – Preview the book Be More Strategic in Business: How to Win through Stronger Leadership and Smarter Decisions
    • Review Tactical Taylor and Strategic Sam characteristics (pgs 49-55)
    • Review the Impact Blueprint (Chs 7-10)

About the presenter, Stacey Boyle

Stacey has led global consulting and research departments for over 20 years, during which she has built a reputation for groundbreaking work connecting investments in people to critical business outcomes. Today she runs two consulting firms that help some of the world's best companies and non-profits answer their pressing business questions about investments in people. Stacey is President and Chief People Planner for Smarter People Planning, LLC, and Chief Assayer for Assay|Edu, LLC

After earning a Ph.D. in Applied Behavioral Research & Evaluation and a NASA fellowship from Oklahoma State University, Stacey parlayed her academic know-how into the real world of business. She was pitching advanced analytics to human resources practitioners before Big Data was cool, and she is proud to say she has transformed herself from a Type-A, tactical academician to a calmer Type-A, strategic business leader. She has advised innumerable strategic leaders from Fortune 500, government, non-profits, and the education space as a long-time consultant. Through designing, executing, and collaborating on a number of strategic business awards programs, she has incredible insights into what the best leaders are doing and how they achieve winning results. Stacey is the co-author of “Be More Strategic in Business: How to Win Through Stronger Leadership and Smarter Decisions

Stacey lives a fitness-focused life in the Chicagoland area and thrives on grooming her own future strategic leader—her daughter.


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